Home Exercise Programs for Osteoarthritis

Home Exercise Programs for Osteoarthritis

Home exercise programs for osteoarthritis have been proven time and again to work.

Exercises are the foundation to managing osteoarthritis. I understand it is a pain having to do them but if you don’t you will get very limited improvement.

However it is vital if you do home exercise programs for osteoarthritis  that is  designed for you and how your osteoarthritis affects you.

You need to do the right exercises (i.e. ones for people with OA) plus do the right number of that exercise. Do too many too quickly and you will aggravate your condition. Do too few and you won’t improve and you have wasted your time.

Massage and exercises for osteoarthritis are the most successful non surgical way of treating osteoarthritis. They are only way to really reduce the pain and stiffness your suffer without going under the knife.

In this unique set of Home Exercise Programs for Osteoarthritis you will be taught how to effectively massage your affected joint and then given a specific exercise program to stretch and strengthen it allowing you to do so much more but with far less pain.

You are going to become your own physical therapist and it’s a lot easier than you may think!

About Home Exercise Programs for Osteoarthritis

How Does the Program Work?

There are 8 Home Exercise Programs for Osteoarthritis

There are Home Exercise Programs for Osteoarthritis for 8 different joints.

You start by answering a short multiple joint questionnaire. This will tell you whether you should follow the mild, moderate or severe program so you do the right number of each exercise for the amount of degeneration and level of symptoms you have.

The program is 7 weeks long with the final week being the one you should do in the long term to keep you symptoms under control. It is laid out as follows:

Week 1: you will be taught how to massage your affected joint for maximum benefit

Week 2: stretching exercises are added to increase flexibility and reduce your stiffness

Week 3: isometric strengthening exercises are added. These don’t move your joint so you start to strengthen without irritating your joint.

Week 4: isotonic exercises are included which start to move your joint allowing you to do more with less pain.

Week 5 and onwards: after that the exercises stay the same but the program schedule changes dropping you slowly back to your maintenance level at week 7.

By continuing to do week 7 you will keep control of your OA in the long term. (A week 7 program averages about 20 minutes which you do 3 times a week.)

How Easy are the Exercises to Follow?

Meet Brian who will demonstrate all the exercises for you.

Meet Brian who will demonstrate all the exercises for you.

The exercises are explained step by step and are fully illustrated with colour photos of a 77 year old man (no more wondering “How do they expect me to get into that position!”).

Brian has worked out what to do with no photos to help him.

He has no medical background nor was he coached so you will have no problems with the photos as well.

Plus I offer a personal FREE backup service. If you get stuck on something or don’t understand all you have to do is email me and I will get right back to you (usually within 1 working day).

This means you can buy with the confidence that you know you will be able to do this!

How Much is Your Home Exercise Programs for Osteoarthritis?

You can get your Home Exercise Programs for Osteoarthritis for US$29.99.

Payment is through PayPal so you can use a debit or credit card in confidence.

There are programs for the

Hip      Knee      Ankle      Foot & Toes,

Shoulder      Elbow      Wrist      Hand, Fingers & Thumb

However there are none for the neck or back. This is because I believe exercise programs for these areas should only be given after a hands on physical examination due to the real risk of pinching a nerve.

All you have to do is to choose from the dropdown below and you will be able to download your program immediately.

What Should You Do Now?

If you want to make a real successfully relieve your osteoarthritis pain without going under the knife you need to do physical therapy. Visiting the physical therapist will cost you hundreds of dollars and they can’t cure you so you have to keep going (and paying!) regularly.

It makes sense to teach yourself to treat yourself and there are many others who have done just that.

Why not join them in relieving your pain and getting back to doing the things you love.

Click on the drop down below and and get your home exercise programs for osteoarthritis.