Heat and Ice Therapy for Osteoarthritis

Heat and ice therapy for osteoarthritis is a quick and simple way to relieve pain and stiffness. Both should be used at different times. If you use the one of them at the wrong time you may make your symptoms worse. Sign up for my free course for more information about that.

For heat you can use something as simple as a hot water bottle or take a shower. For cold a packet of frozen peas works fine but wrap them in a tea towel before applying them or you may get a nasty burn.

If you want a ‘proper’ ice pack then try the

Caldera Multi-Purpose Therapy Gel with Cover

The Caldera Multi-Purpose Therapy Gel with Cover can be used hot or cold. It stays flexible so wraps around the joint well and fits into the body’s contours.


For cold therapy when you are out and about try

Biofreeze Pain Relieving Roll On

BIOFREEZE Pain Relieving Roll On is an ice therapy you can use on the move. What is great is that not only does it work but it also fits into your pocket or handbag. As it is a roll on you can apply it without getting your hands covered in cold gel.


I have tried several ‘on the go’ heat treatments but like this the best.

Heet Pain Relieving Formula (with Hands Off Applicator)

Heet Pain Relieving Formula with Hands Off Applicator has no smell and doesn’t burn as much as the others while still giving good heat. Again with the applicator you don’t get it all over your hands which is a very good idea when you are out and about! (Anyone who has ever applied a heat therapy cream and then rubbed their eyes will understand what I mean!)