Risks of NSAIDs – all arthritis patients should be monitored

Risks of NSAIDs

With this new research highlighting the risks of NSAIDs perhaps it is time to look for a natural alternative.

Once again the risks of NSAIDs are shown. I find it amazing the number of people who are still prescribed NSAIDs in spite of all the recommendations not to do this. I am never sure if it because Doctors are so bombarded with information they fail to keep up to date or because handing a patient a prescription is easier and quicker.

A new study into gastrointestinal damage, one of the known risks of NSAIDs was published in Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics investigated Celecoxib (brand name Celebrex or Celebra) vs. Omeprazole (an antacid) and Diclofenac.

This is a good sized study by some excellent and well published researchers. The study was described by 6 Minutes:

Their review of data from 3774 arthritis patients taking part in a clinical trial of  celecoxib or diclofenac combined with a PPI found that NSAID-related blood loss was particularly  likely in older patients and those with a higher BMI or a history of gastritis.

The results showed the gastrointestinal risks of NSAIDs was high:

“Clinically significant GI  damage was found in 92 of 136 NSAID users  who showed a drop of 2 g/dL or more in haemoglobin levels”

They also say

Haemoglobin levels should be monitored in arthritis patients using NSAIDs because drops indicate significant blood loss and potentially serious gastric damage, researchers say.

So if you are taking NSAIDs for osteoarthritis please, at least, get a blood test to check that all is well. Significant damage can be done before you get any symptoms. This is especially important if you are over 70 or have a higher BMI or a history of gastritis.

Other Risks of NSAIDs

Please click on this link for other risks of NSAIDs

There are two natural alternatives which have anti-inflammatory effects but none of the risks of NSAIDs:

RealHeal with arnica which is a safe, non–addictive, FDA–registered natural remedy containing 100% homeopathic ingredients.

InflammaGo  is also a  safe, non–addictive, FDA–registered natural remedy containing 100% homeopathic ingredients.

Both these products are formulated to relieve pain and stiffness in joints and muscle due to osteoarthritis and they don’t have the risks of NSAIDs.

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