Osteoarthritis Pain Medication : what to take and when

osteoarthritis pain medication

Are anti-depressant drugs really the best osteoarthritis pain medication

The Daily Mail reported about a new osteoarthritis pain medication that gave good pain relief, halving the amount of pain for people with knee osteoarthritis.

This drug is called duloxetine and was developed as an anti-depressant. Many anti-depressant drugs help because they act on the chemicals in the brain blocking our pain perception and the research certainly seems to give this drug the thumbs up.

But should we really be taking anti-depressant medication for a life long condition such as osteoarthritis?

You can read the full story here:


However like most osteoarthritis pain medication this one has side effects. One in six stopped taking it because of them. That’s a pretty high percentage. Plus they take a good few weeks to kick in and actually give osteoarthritis pain relief. Let’s be honest most of us want instant pain relief when we are suffering!

Personally I think there are better ways to get osteoarthritis pain relief and I wouldn’t take this osteoarthritis pain medication. Sometimes I do take something but I try and tackle my pain with less drugs and being more proactive to prevent the pain in the first place.

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