Osteoarthritis Drugs May Accidentally Kill You.

osteoarthritis drugs

Prescription drugs are now the most common cause of accidental death.

According to the latest statistics prescription medication are now the biggest cause of accidental deaths. So be careful or your osteoarthritis drugs may kill you!

Take a look at this report about prescription drugs are top of the accidental killer list (and yes that will include your osteoarthritis drugs).

These osteoarthritis drugs seem to be handed out like candy nowadays and Doctors are relying more and more on drugs rather than any other type of therapy. Drugs play their role as pain relievers but they are yet to discover any actual osteoarthritis drugs that actually helps the degeneration.

The main problem with taking osteoarthritis drugs is that osteoarthritis is a lifelong condition. Therefore you will be on that medication for life. It must be suitable to take in the long term and therefore very safe. Often NSAIDs are prescribed and these are not safe to take in the long term.

New Guidelines Do not Strongly Support Osteoarthritis Drugs

I find this amazing considering the latest the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) guidelines for osteoarthritis no longer strongly support osteoarthritis drug therapy but strongly suggest the use of exercises and weight loss (for weight bearing joints).

But we continue to go to our Doctors to be handed a piece of paper for osteoarthritis drugs rather than a referral letter to a physical therapist! I don’t understand their thinking here so if there are any Doctors out there who would like to offer an explanation please leave a comment below.

Or is anyone else fed up with osteoarthritis drugs being the be all and end all to their treatment?

If you are sign up for my free 3 day course here and I will show you some simple therapies and lifestyle changes you can use plus explain how osteoarthritis drugs should be used. They are useful and should play a role in your management plan but they should not be your only form of treatment.

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