NSAIDs COX 2 Inhibitors Cause Cardiovascular Disease

NSAIDs COX 2 inhibitors cause cardiovascular disease

Are the pharmaceutical companies and Doctors putting our lives at risk with NSAIDs COX 2 inhibitors?

NSAIDs COX 2 inhibitors include drugs such celecoxib or rofecoxib which after years of use worldwide, the makers withdrew it from the market because of the overwhelming evidence it caused heart attacks and strokes.

Now the most commonly prescribed of the NSAIDs COX 2 inhibitors is Celebrx (check beyond the brand name of yours to see if they are one of the NSAIDs COX 2 inhibitors) but this research surely puts beyond doubt that these too should be withdrawn from the market.

Human have being used as guinea pigs (unknown to them of course!) the researchers are now no longer mincing their words on the dangers as this report on the dangers of NSAIDs COX 2 inhibitors saying:

And eight placebo-controlled, randomized trials have demonstrated that the COX-2 inhibitors posed a cardiovascular hazard in up to 2% of people exposed, the researchers noted — “a magnitude of risk similar to that attributable to diabetes or cigarette smoking.”

The amount of money campaigning to make people stop smoking, loose weight to control diabetes but the pharmaceutical companies are legally allowed to get away with selling and the Doctors prescribing NSAIDs COX 2 inhibitors that had overwhelming anecdotal  evidence against it. This is scandalous!

It is about time they realized that reported side effects, even if they have not been tested with ten different randomised, double blinded research studies which the medical profession love so much. Those should have been done BEFORE the NSAIDs COX 2 inhibitors even went on the market.

The authors rather underwhemingly suggested

FitzGerald and colleagues said that it is perhaps time to assess the increased risk of atherosclerosis in humans associated with NSAIDs, particularly those “selective for inhibition of COX-2.”

Perhaps??? There is no perhaps about it! These drugs should be withdrawn from the market until they can prove they are safe, not the other way around!

What are the Alternatives to NSAIDs COX 2 Inhibitors

If you have osteoarthritis and are being prescribed NSAIDs COX 2 inhibitors please go and talk to your Doctor further. Osteoarthritis is a non-inflammatory arthritis so an anti-inflammatory drug is not helping the actual pain from the degenerated joint. The inflammation is coming from the muscles around the joint (as I talked about here) and there are better ways to treat inflamed muscles without putting your health at risk.

For more information on ways of treating the pain and inflammation from osteoarthritis  (other than using NSAIDs COX 2 inhibitors) please sign up for my free course, Pain Management for Osteoarthritis, where I talk you through treatments such as heat and cold packs, splints, which medication you should use, supplements and physical therapy.

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