New Anti-Inflammatory : will it have fewer side effects?

New anti-inflammatory drugs

.Will this new anti-inflammatory have fewer side effects?

A Swedish biotech company is about to start trialing a new anti-inflammatory and pain killer all in one. This is apparently a new type of drug and works in a different way from the current types of anti-inflammatory drugs so hopefully this may reduce the raft of side effects from these.

 PharmaLive reports

Recruitment of patients will get underway in October, with the clinical trial, to be conducted by the consulting firm Pharmaceutical Research Associates, scheduled to run until March/April 2013. It will demonstrate the efficacy of the company’s most advanced chemical substance, AMAP 102.

Will This New Anti-Inflammatory Deliver Us Pain Relief Without Side Effects?

My experience is that ALL drugs have side effects- it is just that some have more than others!

I have found it difficult to find out more about AMAP 102 as the research is published in Swedish. (Anyone else ever tried Google translate???) I would like to know why this new anti -inflammatory is so different.

However I can never quite forget the Vioxx scandal which after years of use worldwide, the makers withdrew it from the market because of the overwhelming evidence it caused heart attacks and strokes.

I would love this new anti-inflammatory drug to prove me wrong but I still believe natural anti-inflammatories are a better option because of the risks from side effects.

For example it is certainly worth changing your diet slightly to include more food with anti-inflammatory effects and trying a supplement that includes a anti-inflammatory herb. with glucosamine.

However if you do want to be one of the guinea pigs for this new anti-inflammatory drug you can contact Owe Gårlin, CEO, AnaMar, E-mail:

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