What Foods are Good for Joints – 6 of the best!

What foods are good for joints (Cub with trophy- picture by Jitze Couperusused with permission)

At least he will benefit from plenty of Omega 3 which is a food good for joints. (Photo by Jitze Couperusused with permission).

Did you know some foods ease the soft tissue inflammation you get with osteoarthritis? It is a good idea to know what foods are good for joints as by making simple diet changes can greatly reduce the symptoms you suffer.

Most of us know nowadays that being overweight can lead to osteoarthritis. Once you have osteoarthritis losing weight can also make it less painful (if it is in a weight bearing joint of course!). Food that is good for joints often contain less calories as well so there is double benefit.

What Foods are Good For Joints – the top six list.

This is a great article on MSN Health explains what food are good for joints. Paula Spencer Scott explains

“We get in the habit of taking Advil or Aleve to treat pain symptoms, without getting at the underlying cause of pain. Over time these medications, because of their side effects, can do more harm than good,” says integrative nutritionist Beth Reardon, director of nutrition at Duke Integrative Medicine, part of the Duke University Health System. “Changing your diet, on the other hand, protects your cells from damage and reduces the number of inflammatory compounds the body produces.” Bonus: An anti-inflammatory diet is an effective path to weight loss, which reduces pain that’s caused by extra stress on joints. New research in the journal Cancer Research links losing just 5 percent of body weight to significant reductions in biochemical markers for inflammation.

The article goes on and tells you what foods are good for joints and, if possible, alternative sources for that food in case you don’t like it!

Most of the foods are OK with me and I like them except the green tea (maybe add it to baking but I am not sure what that will taste like?) and I don’t like any of the sources of Omega 3 as I don’t like fish and am not keen on pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and flaxseed. Guess I will have to keep taking the  supplement for that one!

I have been looking for a while at what foods are good for joints. I have certainly found using the spice turmeric helpful. We are big rice eaters in our household and I have found that adding turmeric to rice when cooking it makes delicious yellow rice that has a slightly smoky flavour that is not hot. My husband hates spicy food but loves this and the kids think the colour is great.

The start of the What Foods are Good for Joints Recipe Book?

I am not a great cook but consider this for quick dinner.

♦  Roast a load of rainbow vegetables, including the kale (food good for joints) in extra virgin olive oil (suggested food) with salt, pepper and garlic (food good for joints).

♦  Boil some rice with turmeric (food good for joints).

♦  When cooked mix in tinned salmon (food good for joints but in my case will be cooked chicken!).  Mix through until the salmon is warmed.

♦  Add to the roasted veggie tin , mix and serve.

With Greek yogurt (food good for joints) and fresh brightly coloured fruit (food good for joints) for pudding!

OK that may be overdoing it in one day but your joints would love you!!

I hope that gives you some ideas about what foods are good for joints. Making a few healthy lifestyle changes can benefit not only your osteoarthritis but also your overall sense of well-being. As I said in an earlier post when I started considering what foods are good for joints it is better not to go cold turkey and change your diet radically. Ease into these changes and they are more likely to become normal over time.

Has anyone got any ideas for recipes using these foods? If you have please leave them in the comments below or add them to our Facebook page so others can try them.

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