Weight Loss for Osteoarthritis : update 2

This is just a very quick update about my weight loss over the holidays.

5:2 Diet is proving to be a successful weight loss for osteoarthritis

Click on the picture if you want to know more about the 5:2 diet I am doing.

Yay, I have nearly stuck to my diet over Christmas and yes it is still working for me. I have now lost a total of 16 pounds and must admit I feel a lot better for it. The beauty for me is that I am only dieting two days a week and mentally I seem to be able to manage that (yes I am weak willed about my food which is strange when I am so strong willed about other things such as my exercise program).

I would give you my measurements but I lost the piece of paper so don’t know what I was before! However yesterday I could pull down my jeans without undoing them so I would say a fair few inches have been lost. Emoji

I have not actually done a diet day since 23rd December as I don’t seem to have had a free day without some sort of event on. However I have just jumped on the scales and have only put on 1/2lb so I am happy with that! I will do a diet day tomorrow and one on Friday so have only lost 1 diet day over the holidays. That’s the beauty of this flexible diet.

My aim for 2014 is to loose between 2 and 21/2 stone depending on how I look- I don’t wnat to look saggy and wrinkled! So at a pound a week that will take me 6 to 9 months.

So this time next year…..

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