Weight Loss for Osteoarthritis : update 1

Welcome to my Weight Loss for Osteoarthritis Diary.

weight loss for osteoarthritis 1

You can eat anything you want 5 days a week on this weight loss program.

Well I have actually managed to stick to this new diet and it’s working!! I have now lost 10lb and it’s been pretty easy.

At first I thought it was because I only diet 2 days a week but actually there is no doubt my eating habits are changing and I am starting to eat a lot less generally. (Click on this link if you want to read about the start of my weight loss for osteoarthritis.)

I think this is is for two reasons. Firstly my body seems to be wanting less food and isn’t so set on having a regular intake at fairly set times. Secondly I am definitely less bothered about being hungry. I know now hunger pangs pass within an hour or so and that drinking a glass of water will stop them anyway. So quite often if I am busy when I get hungry I simply have a glass of water, carry on with what I am doing and eat after. That way as I am not hungry any more I eat less.

Oh yes- I have now lost a total of 41/2 inches off my stomach and had to buy new jeans as I have also lost a total of 2 inches off my thighs. Unfortunately I have only lost 1 inch off my boobs which is annoying as I am very top heavy! Still all in all the weight is coming off the right places. I don’t have a particularly fat face or a triple chin so am glad it is not coming off there too much as I don’t want to look wrinkly or saggy!

The most interesting thing for me is the change in my hands. Regular readers will know I have mild OA in the base of my thumbs which often bothers me when I am trying to do things like doing up the girth buckles on the horses. THESE SYMPTOMS HAVE ALL GONE!! I still feel a bit weak and my grip is not as good as I would like but at least it doesn’t hurt.

Now if this was in a weight bearing joint one could argue this was simply the reduction in weight but it’s not. Also I know what you eat makes a difference to how you feel but 5 days a week I am eating the same things as before. Maybe my body is going into repair mode. Goodness, I hope so!

Anyway that is this months Weight Loss for Osteoarthritis update. I am going to post an update each month. Hopefully it will help me keep on the straight and narrow and maybe encourage other people to give this a go.

Click on this link to get your copy of the 5:2 diet (and yes I will earn a few cents commission!)


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