Vitamin D for Osteoarthritis

Vitamin D for osteoarthritis

Vitamin D for osteoarthritis has already shown to be a waste of money so why is funding being made available to research it again.

They are doing yet another study into vitamin D for osteoarthritis. The announcement was made on 7th Space saying:

The aim of the VItamin D Effects on OA (VIDEO) study is to compare, over a 2- year period, the effects of vitamin D supplementation versus placebo on knee structural changes, knee pain, and lower limb muscle strength in patients with symptomatic knee OA.

I don’t see the point in this as a massive 2 year study reported here at WebMD was done a couple of years back which reported

“But despite increasing vitamin D in the blood, and even though vitamin D is required for good bone health, the supplementation didn’t translate into better outcomes for the people with osteoarthritis,” 

But Is Vitamin D for Osteoarthritis Really a Waste of Time?

Vitamin D’s main role is to help with the absorption of calcium in the gut so it can be laid down in the bone. It is, therefore, VERY important, especially for post menopausal women at risk from osteoporosis and for growing children.

However it is not the actual bone that causes the problem in osteoarthritis but the cartilage covering the bone. That is why I was never quite sure why people had such high hopes for vitamin D for osteoarthritis.

I believe Vitamin D is vital for good health and we often have inadequate amounts in our diets as it is found in oily fish, although foods like cereal and bread are often fortified with it. The best source of vitamin D is from sunlight. As we slap on suntan lotion on ourselves and our  children we can actually cause a lack vitamin D. We need to find a happy medium or make sure we supplement adequately.

There are supplements that have been shown to help osteoarthritis. The best is glucosamine sulphate (not hydrochloride) and mix that with anti-inflammatory ingredients and you will get relief.

It really is about time research like this one on vitamin D for osteoarthritis was stopped. There is plenty of research needed so why go back over old, disproved ground.

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