Osteoarthritis Weight Loss Tips

osteoarthritis weight loss tips

I doubt this fat mouse could run around his wheel!

When you have osteoarthritis it is difficult to loose weight. Every diet you look at tells you to exercise and follow whatever fad is in at the time and you will lose all your excess fat in just a few weeks! Yeh right! These 5 osteoarthritis weight loss tips  are to help you consider what you really need to do to lose the pounds.

These are listed in no particular order of importance. They are all equally important!

5 Osteoarthritis Weight Loss Tips

The first of my osteoarthritis weight loss tips is to stop beating yourself up and blaming your weight for causing your osteoarthritis. In most cases this is simply not true. Obesity has been shown to be a cause of osteoarthritis only when BOTH hips or BOTH knees are affected and the person must have been obese as a child and all the way through their life. If you have osteoarthritis in any other joint other than your hips or knees obesity has not shown to be a cause. If you have osteoarthritis in one knee or one hip obesity is not the cause (your knees and hips are the same age after all!). So many people I have met say “Well it’s all my fault I have osteoarthritis as I’m so fat.” Wrong!” Being overweight did not cause your osteoarthritis. Your joint had to be dysfunctional (probably from an old fall or injury) and that caused the osteoarthritis. However now you have osteoarthritis the excess weight will be making it more painful and making it progress quicker.

The second of my osteoarthritis weight loss tips 2 is try not to loose the weight too fast. Osteoarthritis is a lifelong condition and so you need to lose your weight for life. When you lose weight quickly your body goes into starvation mode and so if you fall off the wagon, even for a day, it will grab all the calories it can and store it. This will also happen when you stop dieting and try to level off at your goal weight. Aim to loose 1 to 2lbs per week maximum as this will trick your body into thinking it is not on a diet. If it takes you months to reach your goal so be it. The most important thing is that you reach your goal and stay there.

The third of my osteoarthritis weight loss tips is to get friends and family to join in and help. When you diet with others it really helps and element of competition will really motivate each other. Try putting a prize at the end for the ‘winner’. Personally I believe it is better to do this as a percentage lost rather than actual weight loss as that is fairer- some of us have more to lose than others!

Number 4 of my osteoarthritis weight loss tips is about exercise. Now if exercise is a problem try simply cutting down on the amount you eat to start with. Remember you are trying to lose 1 to 2lbs per week and in the first part of a diet you usually lose weight much more easily. Diet alone will bring off the pounds at the start. So if you are really struggling to exercise then don’t for the first few weeks, simply change your diet and look to start going out for a walk as soon as you can.

My fifth and final of these osteoarthritis weight loss tips is this. I believe changing bad eating habits is easier if you don’t go cold turkey and radically change your diet overnight. Wean yourself off by changing a meal a week. So, for example, start by cutting out all unhealthy snacks in the first week and replacing with fresh fruit or chopped up vegetables. On week 2 make breakfast healthy and less fattening, week 3 make lunch healthy and less fattening. I am sure you get the picture.

So those are my osteoarthritis weight loss tips. I have scoured the Internet for a great diet plan but really have come to the conclusion that most of these fads are exactly that fads. Most of us know you should eat a minimum of 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day, we know that animal fats are bad for us and clog up our arteries when eaten in excess. I think the biggest problem we have is portion size! So my final tip is do what I am doing and buy a smaller dinner plate and allow yourself only one portion!

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4 Responses to Osteoarthritis Weight Loss Tips

  1. Chris says:

    Thank you so much for this.. I went to a ‘consultant today, he told me i have mechanical back pain ( although i have a disk rupture in l4 and l5) and i have nerve damage to left leg. He said it was because i was over weight and it was my fault and i should get some exercise or help through my doctor as it would become much better. I left the room crying.. as a child i was stick thin..i was like this till i was diagnosed with depression in my 20’s. i gained weight every year before getting pregnant at 35. They did a Cesarean birth and cut me from hip to hip. I lost core muscles during this period. I worked in a warehouse picking heavy good for 12 year . i smacked my back 3 times off a trailer while loading it , each time seeing a doctor as i had shocks down my legs. Finally 2009 i had a disk rupture over the sciatic nerve and could not walk properly for 6 months…today i really felt like giving up..i don’t need to batter my self about being fat , the consultant did it for me.. I also have sleep apnoea which occurred after taking an anti depressant which cause severe heartburn and over acid production. i put up with this for 2 years and finally was sent to a consultant. it turns out the acid had burn the ganglion nerve in my throat and i had a hiatus hernia. this softened the part of my throat which goes soft when i sleep..however, i am told constantly bu people its because i am fat.. may be i am fat because i comfort eat from all the blame i keep getting or maybe its a side effect of the many drugs…today i wanted to ram my car into a wall and just end it…this would the really be my fault!

    • sophie says:

      Hi Christine,

      That is an awful story. My heart goes out to you. I do get so fed up with people being told everything is their fault because they are fat. Just as many thin people as fat people have back pain- I sometimes think it is the luck of the draw or the genes maybe.

      Please don’t give up. Try and think of some good things in your life and think positive. Back problems are often self limiting but they take time.

      My thoughts and best wishes are with you.

  2. Samara Schulz says:

    Mahalo for thus article. I was just told i have a moderate case and they were very concerned because im only 35. Between a fall 5 years ago, me running so much i gave myself tendonitis to which snapped on my left side a year after. From there i was pregnant and started having pain in my right hip. Leg locking up. Had to roll out of it to move leg. Frustrated because we are trying for our last child and my leg kills at times. Ive gained about 50 lbs from everything but just started working out over a month ago. Feeling better until the diagnose today. Thought it was due to weight gain. This made me ferl better.

    • Dr. Sophie says:

      You are very young to have OA and to be honest you do not sound like a typical case. How did they make your diagnosis? Your problems sound more mechanical in nature? Keep working out anyway as it is helping! Email me direct if I can help you further.

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