Osteoarthritis Diet Plan – new study

Following a good osteoarthritis diet plan could reduce the amount of painkillers you have to take

Losing weight could reduce the amount of painkillers you have to take.

This new study, reported in the Express, claims to have the answer to how osteoarthritis sufferers should eat. The researchers say that following this simple osteoarthritis diet plan will reduce your pain and as the Express put it “end our misery”.

Please click on the link and read about this so-called radical new osteoarthritis diet plan.

So did that make you as furious as it did me?

Why do we not all starve ourselves for 6 weeks? After all that is soooooo healthy!

What Osteoarthritis Diet Plan Not To Follow!

This one! Any diet that makes you lose weight quickly is doomed to make you yo-yo in weight. I know as I have been there, done that and got the T shirt as I am sure many of you will have as well!

Of course losing weight, if your degeneration is in a weight bearing joint, will reduce the pain. Common sense tells you if you put less pressure through the joint it will hurt less but there are ways and means to do it.

This study worked reducing pain because the participants lost a large amount of weight very quickly. The problem is that I doubt many will keep the weight off so the whole thing will have been a total waste of time.

Also what has starving themselves done to their health? It may not have affected their bone density but nobody mentions how their kidneys and liver function tests are and both these organs are commonly affected by drastic weight loss. The diet in this study was a high protein diet which are notoriously hard on the kidneys.

What Osteoarthritis Diet Plan Should You Follow?

The answer is one that allows you to lose weight in a sensible way.

The trick to long term weight management is to fool your body into not realizing it is losing weight so it won’t hoard the calories if you over indulge. This is what causes you to put on weight even faster when you come off the diet. Never aim to lose more than 2lbs or a kg per week MAXIMUM. I know it is great to see the weight falling off you but in the long term it is no help and you need this to be long term as your osteoarthritis cannot be cured.

I am in the process of talking to several online slimming clubs to try and find the best osteoarthritis diet plan. It needs to be full of anti-inflammatory foods as well as helping with weight control. Please sign up for the newsletter at the top right of this page or join us on Facebook and I will let you know as soon as I find a great osteoarthritis diet plan for us to follow.

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