Osteoarthritis and Diets -would you go this far?

osteoarthritis and diets

You are obese if your BMI is over 30.

This is going to be the first of a few posts I want to make giving osteoarthritis and diets. Let’s be honest we all know a few of us could do with losing some weight (yes that’s me I am talking about!). There is plenty of research saying you must loose weight if you have osteoarthritis in weight bearing joints so that all your joints except your arm ones!

So let’s start with the most drastic action you can take to loose a few pounds. Surgery. This article appeared about Dr. Ben Williams. I consider he has been very successful in most things he has done, including graduating from medical college. He is obviously intelligent and well educated but was a total failure at one thing- weight loss. I can relate to that. I feel I have been reasonably successful in my chosen path, my kids are not delinquents and, all in all life, has been kind to me but I am still fat and seem unable to keep the weight off even when I loose do manage to loose it!

Dr. Ben continues to give the usual advice on osteoarthritis and diets to his patients but he underwent bariatric weight loss surgery to control his weight.

He says in this article about his solution to osteoarthritis and diets article

“Like my colleagues, I tell my patients that they need to exercise more, eat less, and lose some pounds, but I know that many will fail and will continue to need my support and encouragement. Some see fat people as lazy: I was ambitious and hardworking enough to hold a fairly senior position in government at age 22 and to later be accepted into medical school. Others are more charitable and think that fat patients are ignorant: I stayed fat despite learning all about obesity in medical school. I was fat because I ate too much, and my surgeon helped me do what I had been unable to do on my own.”

Be honest- how many of us with osteoarthritis want to do weight loss (or cardiovascular) exercise anyway as we suffer too much afterwards? We are in the catch twenty two situation of being unable to exercise but needing to exercise to loose weight.

But would you go to these lengths and have risky surgery in order to loose the pounds? The operation itself, the complications that can occur from any surgery such as infection, excess scar tissue formation, time off work and so on. Do they outweigh the problems the excess weight causes anyone with osteoarthritis? What are your thought on osteoarthritis and diets?

Personally I don’t believe is worth it. You can read more about my thought about osteoarthritis and diets here. Yes I need to loose weight but I wouldn’t have my body cut open unless absolutely necessary. Would you?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below on this or let us know if you have any good advice about osteoarthritis and diets for any of us that need to loose weight? Bookmark this site or like us on Facebook to see what I come up with about osteoarthritis and diets. Perhaps this time I might actually manage to loose it and keep it off! Also I will keep you up to date with Lesley’s progress who is trying to loose weight the traditional way and, at last word, had lost quite a few kgs! Go Lesley!!

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