How to Beat Depression Naturally

how to beat depression naturallyMany people suffer with depression for many reasons. Many of those people want to know how to beat depression naturally as they do not want the drugs to combat their depression or anxiety as they know many drugs have serious side effects that could leave them feeling worse.

Although this site is dedicated to people suffering with osteoarthritis, this series of articles I am writing on how to beat depression naturally will help anyone who is depressed or anxious, no matter what the cause of the depression or anxiety.

This is a really good article on how to beat depression naturally. The big message is that depression is transient and doesn’t last.

“Even the unfortunate souls with the most severe cases of depression are happy sometimes. There are a few moments in the day when their depression fades and another emotion sweeps over them. They might be watching a comedy show and a joke snaps through their depression and gives way to laughter. They might be out for a walk and see some animals playing and experience joy. Or they might see the new political candidates speeches on Youtube and experience patriotism. However bad your depression is I guarantee that you are not depressed 100% of the time.”

Osteoarthritis sufferers seem particularly prone due to depression and anxiety. Many who contact me seem to be at the end of their tether and I am their last resort. It was the same when I was a practicing chiropractor. It was always the best part of my job to watch as people’s pain eased so their depression and anxiety lifted and they felt they had a future to look forward to.

I don’t know about you but I find depression often goes with the good and bad days of my osteoarthritis. I have little doubt when I struggle to do something it irritates me and if I dwell on it then it can pull me down. Then I can spiral as because I am tense my neck muscles tighten and make my osteoarthritis in my neck more painful so I get a headache and even more cranky and depressed!

I agree wholeheartedly with this part of the article:

Eat and drink healthy

Something that seems small but actually had a massive impact on my levels of depression is how I ate. By learning what foods make you depressed and avoiding them you can seriously change the way you feel.

I have written about this many times but it is something so important that I want to stress it again. Bad foods make you feel bad. Good foods make you feel good. Just like the saying goes, “you are what you eat“. If you want to feel better mentally start eating cleaner foods.

The right food will help your osteoarthritis pain too (a future series?- leave a comment below if you are interested!).

Other ideas on how to beat depression naturally

I am a great believer that osteoarthritis can lead to depression. Also I believe non-drug therapy, such as heat, ice, supplements and exercises for osteoarthritis along simple lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in your quality of life. Therefore it follows I would consider how to beat depression naturally rather than going the drug route.

The lifestyle changes in this article are a great start but there other things you can do. Over the next couple of days I am going to discuss how to beat depression naturally using non-drug treatments. Click the like button below and join us on Facebook. You can get updates on this series as I write them and we can all help support one another.

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