What Are You Planning To Do For Your OA in 2013?

Dr. Sophie Hardy

Sorry I have been so quiet- I have been enjoying the New Zealand summer!

A very happy New Year to everyone!

Firstly my apologies for being so quiet for the last month. For those who don’t know Christmas holidays in New Zealand last most of January as we are in the height of summer. That means our Christmas holidays and summer merge and one of my kids goes back to school this morning (after 11 weeks off after exams!) and my younger one is back next week.

Add that to a long visit from my mum from the UK and I admit my blog went on the back burner for a bit there. I did still look after my Joint Control folks and answer all emails promptly so I wasn’t completely lazy!

So apologies over- normal service will now be resumed!

This is what I have planned for this year.

1. Keeping up with the latest research and treatments for osteoarthritis. I will post these out in weekly newsletters. You can sign up over here. →

2. I am considering trying to turn my Joint Control program into a Kindle book. Anyone who has been a subscriber of mine for a while will know the problem with doing generic exercise programs off the Internet or from DVDs etc is that you don’t know how many of each exercise YOU should do and how often YOU should do them. After all everyone is different and how your OA affects you is different from how your neighbours OA affects them.

Therefore the books will have to have a questionnaire so each person can work it out a schedule that suits them. This is more difficult than you think as it has to be multiple choice and simple to work out.

I would really like some feedback whether people think this is a good idea and if anyone would like to be a guinea pig (they will get the self massage and exercise program for free but will need to provide weekly feedback for 4 weeks) then please drop me a line.

3. The stats for downloads of my Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis series of Kindle books are as follows:

Hip                      755                               Shoulder                                  333

Knee                  1116                               Elbow                                        284

Ankle                  492                               Wrist                                          293

Foot & Toes      334                               Hand, Fingers & Thumb    464

Neck                    396                               Back                                           454

TOTAL : 4,921

Out of these there was 1 refunded and he gave me a 1 star review commenting the information was available on the Internet. That maybe true but you would have to do several hours research and I am yet to find all the information aimed at specific joints. Can’t please everyone I guess and in general reviews have been good, including ones such as

Wonderfully Put Together Books

“Personally, I think that most people over-medicate and the side effects of most anti-inflammatory drugs are frightening. I love the approach that this Dr has to treating arthritis. She covers exercise, heat/cold therapy, vitamin supplements, as well as prescription medications. She doesn’t just tell you what therapies can help, she tells you about when to use them for maximum effect. And she does it all in simple language. I went ahead and bought all 10 books.”  – Joanna Williams


OA of the Knee and Natural Treatment

“As a person within the health care industry I found this book to be quite good in that it provided an well around view of how to deal with OA of the knee without using medical drugs if needed.” – Donald G Silvera

The one thing that has been disappointing is that few have bothered to review the book. So if you have bought a copy please would you be kind enough to go back into Amazon and give me an HONEST review. Thanks!

So those are my thoughts and plans for this part of my life. On a personal level I plan on carrying on riding my horse, landscaping my garden (which still hasn’t been done after living here 21/2 years!) and buying a lot of packets of frozen pea to keep icing my back while I do these things!

Again a happy 2013 to you all and remember there are no magic pills yet for osteoarthritis. You will need to take positive, practical steps to feel better. Sign up for my free course to find out how to do this.

Don’t forget you can email me with any suggestions of topics you would like me to write about or if you wish to be one of my guinea pigs.

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