Relieving Osteoarthritis Pain Improves Your Brain Power!

Relieving osteoarthritis pain increased the grey matter in the brain

Relieving osteoarthritis pain increased the grey matter in the brain

To me it is vital that Doctors start realizing there is a two way street between the body and the brain. The affect the two have on each other is so overlooked by modern medicine. There is the psychosomatic reflex (brain to muscle- not a pretend or put on illness as is often thought) and a somatopsycho reflex (muscle to brain). Now this link has been proved by this new study that shows relieving osteoarthritis pain improves your brain power.

This new study, reported in the UK’s Daily Mail, shows osteoarthritis pain actually causes the brain to shrink and reduce the amount of grey matter (brain cells). This could give memory loss, reduced alertness and could even lead to dementia.

You can read the full article about how relieving osteoarthritis pain improves your brain power here.

What appears to happen is that the pain parts of the brain are so bombarded with information that grey matter in the pain part of the brain gets bigger while other parts, like memory and alertness, get smaller. The researchers suggested chronic pain could even lead to dementia.

The good news is relieving osteoarthritis pain reversed this!

So relieving osteoarthritis pain will help our brains but in the study they did this by giving hip replacements. All well and good but I am in trouble as they don’t do spine replacements! I can’t say after living with the condition I have noticed a great deal of difference in my brain power but I had better check with my family when they get home tonight before I make that statement! Or perhaps it is that I have worked so hard at relieving osteoarthritis pain and not letting my condition rule my life?

It’s official then: relieving osteoarthritis pain is vital for your physical AND mental health!

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