Osteoarthritis Pain Management is Easy When You Know How

Osteoarthritis Pain Management

The more you put into managing your osteoarthritis the less pain you will suffer!

When you have osteoarthritis pain management is the only thing you can do. You cannot cure your condition. However what you must realise is that the results will depend on how much effort you are prepared to put in. The more effort you make the less pain you will get!

This article on osteoarthritis pain management was published in the Lakes Country Calendar (they are in Okanagan, Canada) and it is great to see such good, common sense advice given. How come a country newspaper can print a good, helpful piece on osteoarthritis pain management when most of the nationals give nothing but sensationalized headlines? Hats off to the Lakes Country Calendar!

They finish with this advice and I honestly couldn’t have put it better myself.

Your doctor and physiotherapist are important initially for a diagnosis, education and most importantly working towards the goal of setting you up with a routine of exercise that allows you to effectively manage yourself.

While professional attention is important for the most effective management initially, the best long term management for osteoarthritis is ultimately through you. Good daily habits with a targeted exercise routine and a thorough understanding of what osteoarthritis is will go a long way in controlling and preventing the progression of the disease.

Osteoarthritis Pain Management Is Up To YOU!

As Nick Black said in the above article you must get properly diagnosed by a health care professional. There are well over 100 different types of arthritis (which simply means inflamed joint) and it is important you know what type you have as they are managed differently.

To get effective osteoarthritis pain management you must include:

♦  Lifestyle changes

♦  Heat and cold packs (used correctly at the right time)

♦  Supplements (if necessary)

♦  Pain medication (when really necessary)

♦  Splints or supports (but not too often)

♦  “a targeted exercise program” as Nick  put it. This is not simply being active. It is working on the structure around the joint to improve the function of the joint. This is the foundation of any osteoarthritis pain management plan.

Free Advice on Osteoarthritis Pain Management.

Click on the link to get more detailed advice on all of these plus how to put together a plan for osteoarthritis pain management. It’s free!

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