Osteoarthritic Hip ? Don’t let it stop you!

Osteoarthritic hip didn't stop Mary Beth Ellis

Her osteoarthritic hip didn't stop Mary Beth Ellis competing as an Ironman triathlete.

At 28  Mary Beth Ellis was diagnosed with an osteoarthritic hip (same age I was diagnosed with OA in my spine) but she hasn’t let it stop her!

Mary Beth was a long distance runner. In response to this news she switched to being an Ironman Triathlete. This is a wonderful story about a truly inspirational person published at DenverPost.com. You can read Mary Beth’s story here:


To accomplish this with an osteoarthritic hip is truly amazing and it shows what determination will do!

I believe if we stay determined and work hard then our osteoarthritic hip, knee, spine or whatever joint does not have to finish our lives. We have to make lifestyle changes as Mary Beth did by changing to Ironman but by making these changes we can have a great quality of life back.

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