OA of the Knee. Make a diagnosis without X-ray.

This X-ray shows no signs of OA of the knee.

This X-ray shows no signs of OA of the knee but the person may still have early symptoms like stiffness in the morning..

This is a great video I found on YouTube on how to diagnose OA of the knee but without taking an X-ray. The Doctor does it from the history and physical examination only.

This was how I used to diagnose OA of knee or for that matter any joint! The UK radiation policy was that suspicion of arthritis was NOT good cause to take an X-ray but Doctors still continue to do it. It is not healthy to have an X-ray and also what you see on the X-ray is of little value. There is no correlation to symptoms and how much pain you suffer and what you look like on X-ray. Someone may have lots of pain but show only the smallest amount of OA while another may have loads of wear but only feel a bit stiff in the morning.

Treatment for OA of the knee should be based on the symptoms you suffer and not what you look like on X-ray,

So watch the video now on how to diagnose OA of the knee. Learn how a good history is taken and how a simple physical examination can tells Dr. Jolanda Cibere all she needs to know about whether her patient has OA of the knee. It has the added bonus of staring the ever charming Leslie Nielson!

Can you use this video to self diagnose OA of the knee?

As the blurb underneath says this is not meant to be used to self diagnose OA of the knee. In fact I hope that if you answered positive to the history questions then it stimulates you to pop along and get professionally diagnosed. There are many types of arthritis and they are treated differently so it is important you get professionally checked. Just don’t be concerned they are not doing their job right if they don’t send you off for X-rays!

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