Facts About Osteoarthritis

Facts about osteoarthritis

Are these facts about osteoarthritis reported in this newspaper correct?

This article was published in the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza supposedly dispelling the facts about osteoarthritis. Only problem is they are wrong on several important points.

As this is a newspaper article you will need to click on this link to read their “Facts About Osteoarthritis“.

Let’s Go Through Their Facts About Osteoarthritis

1. Cracking your fingers does not cause osteoarthritis. They say this is a myth but I disagree. Cracking your fingers occaionally does not cause osteoarthritis but I have coem across people who do this 100s of times a week. The problem with that is that is causes repetitive strain by stretching the ligaments around the joint (as they rightly point out). Only problem is that injury leads to OA so how can they say cracking your knuckle is a myth. They actually contradict themselves.

The moral- if you repeatedly crack your fingers/ knuckles please don’t do it. You will have problems 10 to 20 years later.

2. Medication is your first line of treatment. They say that is a myth and YES I agree. However they say walking and gentle exercise will help. Actually you need a targeted, specifically designed exercise program for the affected joint. Let’s be honest if you have finger OA going for a walk will not help – though it is good for your general health!

3. Glucosamine will not help with the pain. Actually studies show that glucosamine HYDROCHLORIDE  (often sold in the US) does not help but glucosamine SULPHATE (more common in Europe and Australia) does help. The bit that the jury is still out on is whether glucosamine will help repair the cartilage.

So if you want to know the real facts about osteoarthritis plus what are the best treatments for your osteoarthritis sign up for my free 3 day course.

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