Diagnosis of Shoulder Pain : is it osteoarthritis?

diagnosis of shoulder pain

Make sure you get the correct diagnosis for your shoulder pain.

Shoulder pain is very common. That is because humans have evolved to have a large range of movement in their shoulder joints making them unstable and more prone to injury. As we get older we tend to think that shoulder pain is osteoarthritis setting in but that may not be the case. It is important you get the correct diagnosis of shoulder pain to make sure it is treated in the correct way.

This article about how to make this correct diagnosis of shoulder pain is from the Times of India. It explains the symptoms for 5 of the most common shoulder problems. Though I couldn’t resist adding my two pennies worth….

A Bit More Information I Think is Useful in the Diagnosis of Shoulder Pain

1. Osteoarthritis Рclick here for more in depth explanation

2. Rheumatoid Arthritis – tends to happen in both shoulders, not just one.

3. Post Traumatic Arthritis – will often lead to osteoarthritis in the long term. It is more often the acromioclavicular joint affected (but not exclusively) and so the pain is at the front of the shoulder.

4. Rotator cuff – tends to give the most pain when you lift the arm sideways as the rotator cuff muscles pull the arm away from the socket so the top of the arm doesn’t impinge on the edge of the socket.

5. Frozen shoulder – probably one of the worst afflictions known to man (or woman!). See a physical therapist to try and reduce the length of time you have it, take InflammaGo and change your diet to reduce the inflammation as much as you can (same no matter what the cause of the inflammation).

As always the best person to give you a diagnosis of shoulder pain is a Doctor. It doesn’t mean you have to take his advice and mask the pain with drugs. If you have been told you have OA sign up for my free 3 day course to find out how to manage your shoulder.

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