Causes of OA : The One Time Sugar May be Good for You!

Sugar may protect against surgery being one of the causes of OA

Do you think they just drop a sugar cube into the solution? Maybe not!

It has been well known that one of the causes of OA is surgery on a joint because the cartilage is often damaged during the operation. Researchers have been looking for a solution for this problem for many years and now they may have found a very simple answer.

During all surgery the joint is flushed with a saline (salty) solution. If sugar is added to this solution it appears to protect the cartilage. Typically the researcher have come up with fancy medical term for this and called it being ‘chondroprotective”!

I read about this in Medical Express and they quote the researcher Dr. Andrew Hall who talks about surgery being one of the causes of OA

“Our findings could have major implications for tens of thousands of people who undergo arthroscopic surgery, such as footballers or other sports people who’ve damaged their cartilage. Or in fact anyone who’s had exploratory surgery for a sore or painful knee.

There is a worry that all these people are at risk of developing osteoarthritis from their surgery. But if surgeons can be persuaded to use this chondroprotective solution as standard that risk could be substantially reduced. It’s a cheap, simple solution that can protect the cartilage in the joint during arthroscopy and surgery.”

This to me is great news. Having worked at a professional soccer club for many years I can’t even count the number of players who had knee arthroscopies or surgery. I also know many of them have early onset OA and some are getting knee replacements in their 40s and 50s.

If something as simple and cheap as adding sugar to the saline solution protects the cartilage then it should be implemented ASAP. I know this has only been tested on rats but lets face it what harm could it do? If we can protect against one of the known causes of OA then surely we should leap into action.

So for all those sugar lovers out there you now have proof that sugar can be good for you!

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