Osteoarthritis Exercises ? I can’t be bothered with that!

Osteoarthritis exercises

New research once again shows osteoarthritis exercises benefit not only the level of pain but also improve general activity, mood, walking ability, normal work and enjoyment of life.

Here is yet another piece of research that shows, once again, exercises for osteoarthritis are best, least invasive way of treating osteoarthritis pain.

Healio reported that hospital-based osteoarthritis exercises can reduce osteoarthritis, saying:

“A study presented at the American College of  Rheumatology and Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals annual meeting in Washington, DC, demonstrated that a low-cost exercise program can significantly improve pain, function, balance and quality of life in patients with osteoarthritis.”

Unfortunately not many hospitals run these osteoarthritis exercise programs.

But the question I ask is this.

If they did run exercise programs for osteoarthritis would you bother to go?

An Example of the Attitude About Osteoarthritis Exercises

Last week I received an email from somebody. She has shoulder osteoarthritis and is in pain. She had stumbled across my blog and wanted some help.

No problem- I receive at least a couple of dozen like this each week.

I replied the same day, outlining the lifestyle changes and home treatments I recommend in my free course. I also said alternately she could jump straight into it for the shoulder and splash out a whole US$2.99 on a book I had written.

She replied she wasn’t prepared to spend any money (not even $2.99?) and she wanted something that would take the pain away and allow her to need a more normal life.

I replied (again same day) saying the only way to really IMPROVE her situation was an exercise program. She could consider my Joint Control Exercise Program as, at least, it was guaranteed so if she wasn’t satisfied she could get her money back (unlike going to a physical therapist who would keep her money whether she improved or not).

Or if she was self motivated and happy with a really good quality exercise program she could try How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally. This would give her the Kindle book plus a self massage and osteoarthritis exercises.

Do you know what she said?

“I can’t be bothered doing osteoarthritis exercises!” Those are her exact words.

I got pretty mad at this point and if she wasn’t prepared to make the effort or even spend $2.99 then what the heck did she expect me to do? I also said I am a well trained therapist and not a magician!

Funnily enough I haven’t heard from her again!

How Many of You are Prepared to Work at Feeling Better?

I suppose what this story shows is that people want me to wave a magic wand and for everything to be back to how it was when they were 21 years old.

But I can’t.

YOU have to invest a bit of money, time and effort in YOUR osteoarthritis.

YOU have to take back control of YOUR life from YOUR osteoarthritis.

If you do you WILL feel better as the people in the study did.

Approximately 53% of participants indicated that they experienced pain relief after completing the exercise program, with a significant decrease in reported severity of pain. 54% also reported an improvement in general activity, mood, walking ability, sleep, normal work and enjoyment of life, and the reported rate of falls and injuries requiring hospitalization both decreased after participants completed the exercise programs.

If you aren’t prepared to invest in your health then there is little hope for you getting any sort of pain relief for your osteoarthritis. Even if you have surgery, paid for by your health insurance, you will still need to invest time and effort into post osteoarthritis exercises to get any benefit.

Right- I now have that off my chest! Hopefully normal service will be resumed and I will calmly report the news in my next post.

Let’s put it down to pre-Christmas stress….

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