A New Concept in Listening to Our Bodies!

listening to our bodiesI love this idea, mainly because so few Doctors take the time to diagnose osteoarthritis properly. For them, anyone over 50 who has joint pain has osteoarthritis.

This lovely idea was reported at Medical Xpress

“Researchers are only just starting to explore the idea of listening to structures like joints, arteries or the intestines and seeing if the sounds they make can tell us about diseases.”

Lancaster University’s Professor Goodacre, (a consultant rheumatologist) said:

“Potentially, this could transform the ways in which knee osteoarthritis is assessed and treated. Unlike an MRI scan, this approach can tell you what happens when the joint moves and it can also measure how the knee is changing over time.”

I love this idea as I have never thought X-ray or a scan was a great way to assess a joint. It is still photo that doesn’t give us any idea of function. Personally I don’t care what I look like on X-ray, all I care about is how I can function and so lead my life!

So yes this is a long way off but I love the theory!


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