Who Gets Osteoarthritis ?

Who gets osteoarthritis even Caudipteryx a dino bird suffered. Picture by Ra'ike

Caudipteryx a dino bird suffered from osteoarthritis. (Picture by Ra’ike, used with permission)

Who gets osteoarthritis and why is so often asked. Then answer for humans in general it affects older people, although it is not exclusive to them, and Caucasians are affected more than Orientals. In the 45 to 55 age group men tend to be affected more while at 55+ women are more affected. Athletes are more prone and people who have had rheumatoid arthritis when they were younger nearly always develop osteoarthritis later.

However osteoarthritis is not exclusively a human disease; many different types of animals get it including dogs, horses, mice, guinea pigs, various types of birds and the list goes on…

Scientists have recently discovered that even dinosaurs got osteoarthritis.

“NOT all dinosaurs roamed the world: one may have hobbled. Caudipteryx, a dino-bird that lived 130 million years ago, was prone to osteoarthritis- perhaps the oldest such diagnosis on record.

Some modern birds are prone to osteoarthritis, the degeneration of bone and cartilage in joints. Curious about when the condition first appeared, Bruce Rothschild at the University of Kansas in Lawrence and colleagues examined the fossilised ankle bones of ancient birds and feathered dinosaurs held in Chinese museums. Three of the 10 available fossils of Caudipteryx showed signs of osteoarthritis (Cretaceous ResearchDOI: 10.1016/j.cretres.2011.12.008).

Why Caudipteryx, which was the size of a peacock, should have been prone to the condition is a mystery: osteoarthritis is most common in smaller birds today, says Rothschild.”

Does Asking Who Gets Osteoarthritis Help Us?

If we ask questions like who gets osteoarthritis and studying the causes of osteoarthritis it may help some people prevent the condition. However I believe, for those of us who have already got it, looking back does us no good. Looking forward and starting to manage your condition with a positive mental attitude will help you more.

So stop asking questions like who gets osteoarthritis and why have I got osteoarthritis and sign up for my free course here. Look forward to your future!


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