Causes of OA : a myth buster video.

This is a quick but informative video which I found on YouTube about one of the myths what causes OA. It answers the question:

Is Cracking Your Knuckles One of the Causes OA?

As the video explains it is only gas inside the joint that pops (similar to opening a fizzy drink) that makes the popping noise and that knuckle cracking was not one of the causes of OA. There was a big study done recently which confirmed this opinion.

However I admit to finding this surprising. As the video says chronic cracking does cause damage to the ligaments and makes the joint hyper-mobile (or lax and loose) which weakens the joint. This is effectively a repetitive stress injury and research shows this is one of the causes of OA as I discuss here.

So even though there may not be research specific that cracking knuckles I do suggest it is NOT a healthy thing to do!

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