Cause of Osteoarthritis : is it all in the genes?

Cause of osteoarthritis - is it all in the genes?

Being able to manipulate the genes may help future generations but it will do little to help those of us with osteoarthritis now.

The big news for today is that British scientists have found eight new genes linked to osteoarthritis. That makes genetics a major cause of osteoarthritis but what does that mean? Will it be able to help those of us currently suffering each day?

There are lots of places this has been reported but I like this ITV News report which gives the information on as it hasn’t got a lot of fluff in between so, if you haven’t read the facts you can read them here:

Is Genetics the Only Cause of Osteoarthritis?

However before you start blaming your mum or dad ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you have it in only one joint? Did you ever injure that joint and has it niggled on and off ever since? If so then the chances are it was the poorly healed injury was the cause of osteoarthritis in the joint.

2. If you did a job that is hard on the hands, for example (e.g. keyboard work or using drills) and you only have OA in your fingers and hands then it is more likely to be repetitive  work wearing the joints that is the cause of osteoarthritis in your case.

3. If you are riddled with osteoarthritis all over your body then genetics will be the cause.

Warn your children to keep their weight down, to exercise sensibly and to make sure that any injury they have is treated by a qualified therapist (even if they don’t think it needs it) to make sure all the scar tissue is laid down correctly and the injury heals properly.

They also need to do this for your grand-kids. That sprained ankle or wrist may give them hell later in life if it not healed 100% correctly with well laid down scar tissue. By doing this they will reduce the effect of any degeneration that may occur.

How Does Finding the Cause of Osteoarthritis Help Us?

I believe finding the cause of osteoarthritis will help future sufferers of the condition and, let’s face it, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy!

However it will not help us who already have the condition. Worrying about the cause of osteoarthritis is a bit irrelevant! We have it, there is no cure, but we can do a lot to make ourselves feel better. I suggest you sign up for my free course to start managing your osteoarthritis but warn your kids their genes may be the cause of osteoarthritis and to do everything they can to prevent themselves feeling like we do!

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