Cause of OA – will the Olympians suffer later?

Cause of OA

Is sport a cause of OA?

I am sure, like me, you are watching the Olympics. As I sit and watch these athletes attempting and achieving the impossible I wonder whether how many are going to suffer later. Which of these sportsmen and women realise the sport they have been passionate about for so many year are going to find it brings them misery in later life? Will their sport be the cause of OA in them?

There are athletes already suffering because of their sporting feats. As reported by the BBC Paula Radcliffe is still 50/50 for the marathon because the OA in her foot is playing up so badly. You can read all about her plight here. Usually it doesn’t stop her so it must be pretty bad!

 Is Sport a Cause of OA?

Probably. Not only the repetitive nature of doing the same movements again and again but also the injuries that happn to all sportsmen and women. Does that mean they shouldn’t do it? ABSOLUTELY NOT! We should fulfill our dreams, no matter what the hurdles or consequences.

I am certain when I fell off my horse onto my head on the road I did the damage that led to my OA. I did however stop riding for many years on Doctors orders. Then I decided a few years ago I was going back to the sport I love no matter what the consequences.

What I find amazing is there are several Olympians with osteoarthritis, including the cyclist Kristin Armstrong and Paula Radcliffe. They show us what a positive mental attitude can do. We can do so much IN SPITE of having osteoarthritis.

In the meantime sit back and enjoy the spectacle that is the 2012 Olympics. Admire the wonder of the human body and pray that the sports we love to watch are not the cause of OA later on for these amazing men and women!

Let me know if you think sports was the cause of your OA by leaving a comment below.

Quick Update

Paula Radcliffe withdraws from the Olympics due to her osteoarthritis and with that goes her dream of ever achieving a Gold medal. You can read about her disappointment here.

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