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NSAIDs for Osteoarthritis : the good, the bad and the dangerous!

I find it amazing with all the bad publicity NSAIDs for osteoarthritis are getting why research like this is being done. How can they be allowed to give a drug to people which is KNOWN already to have serious side … Continue reading

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New Simple Blood Test Will Help Diagnose OA Early

I seem to be stuck on the Daily Mail this month! However this is an interesting article from them although I cannot find much on the actual research that is being done. They report that British researchers are close to … Continue reading

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Osteoarthritis in the Thumb Can be Helped

Osteoarthritis in the thumb is extremely common. The first sign is often difficulty grasping things and a loss of dexterity. This is a problem for us humans as our dexterity is what sets us apart from other animals and losing … Continue reading

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