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What Makes Osteoarthritis Worse

This question of what makes osteoarthritis worse does not have a simple answer. It depends on which joint is affected and your lifestyle. However I will endeavor to give you a reasonable overview. Please note this is about what makes your osteoarthritis worse, … Continue reading

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MRI for Osteoarthritis : does it tell us anything?

MRI and CT scanners have been around for some time now. It has always been assumed they are better than X-rays as they give more detailed information. However this study calls into question the real benefit of using MRI for … Continue reading

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Osteoarthritis Books Will Be Available Free Next Week

My series of osteoarthritis books will be available free next week (probably be from Wednesday 21st). If you are on my free newsletter list I will send you an email the day before telling you how to get it .

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