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Osteoarthritis Exercises ? I can’t be bothered with that!

Here is yet another piece of research that shows, onceĀ again, exercises for osteoarthritis are best, least invasive way of treating osteoarthritis pain. Healio reported that hospital-based osteoarthritis exercises can reduce osteoarthritis, saying: “A study presented at the American College of … Continue reading

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Ice Packs for Arthritis Taken to the Extreme!

This is a new form of treatment. It takes using ice packs for arthritis to the extreme! Click on this link to an article in the Mail Online about an ice injection rather than using ice packs for arthritis. It … Continue reading

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Exercise for OA : how much is the right amount?

This is something I am often asked. How much exercise for OA is the right amount? After all most articles tell you to exercise when you have OA exercise is often the last thing you want to do. After all … Continue reading

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