Affiliate Disclosure

To Anyone Who Follows My Advice

On this site I recommend products and services that may help you with your osteoarthritis pain. Some of these are products I have developed myself while some are others companies’ products and services.

The products or services I recommend will, in my opinion, help you but there is no guarantee they will benefit you at all.

When I recommend other peoples products and services I may receive a commission from them. How much this is will vary from product to product and if you ask how much commission I receive I will tell you.

In practice I always prided myself on “doing right” by my patients and clients. I may not be ‘face to face’ or ‘hands on’ with you but I do care about your pain and suffering. Therefore, I give you my word, I will only recommend products or services I believe will be of true benefit to you.

If you wish to contact me regarding this matter please email me at:

I am happy to answer any questions you may have as I have nothing to hide.

Yours in health

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Dr. Sophie Hardy B.Sc., D.C.