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Mild Knee Osteoarthritis Not Helped by Surgery

A new study has concluded that mild knee osteoarthritis is not help by surgery. So why was one of my new readers told by their Doctor he would organise a knee wash out for her just last week? Don’t Doctors … Continue reading

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TENS for Osteoarthritis – do you need the actual machine?

This study for knee osteoarthritis suggests that TENS for osteoarthritis¬†was not helpful. However all the outcomes improved as the patients were doing an exercise program as well. So does that mean TENS doesn’t work? I have many clients who love … Continue reading

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New Treatment for Osteoarthritis Sniffed Out!

This could be a huge breakthrough. Researchers have come up with a radical new treatment for osteoarthritis sufferers using nose cartilage cells injected into knees to help regrow the cartilage. This is exciting stuff as it should be relatively cheap … Continue reading

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