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New Treatment for Osteoarthritis is Not for the Squeamish!

This is a new treatment for osteoarthritis but it is not for the squeamish. The idea is to stop the nerves transmitting the pain from the affected joint to the brain by burning the nerves that transmit pain. This procedure … Continue reading

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New Hip Replacement Surgery Reduces Recovery Time

This new hip replacement surgery reduces recovery times therefore it must be good news for all those needing one done. It is called the The Modular Dual Mobility or MDM for short and you can read all about it here. There is … Continue reading

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New Anti-Inflammatory : will it have fewer side effects?

A Swedish biotech company is about to start trialing a new anti-inflammatory and pain killer all in one. This is apparently a new type of drug and works in a different way from the current types of anti-inflammatory drugs so … Continue reading

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