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Osteoarthritis and Obesity : what’s the link?

For a while now the medical profession has been suggesting that it is not simply the increased mechanical stress on joints that links osteoarthritis and obesity. Some studies predicted there was a link between the lipids (fat) in the blood that causes … Continue reading

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Stem Cell Research for Osteoarthritis : is it the light at the end of the tunnel?

This new stem cell research for osteoarthritis looks promising. This study has not even been published yet but a couple of newspapers have got hold of it and, as usual, are hailing it as “outstanding”. I will wait to see … Continue reading

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Osteoarthritis Management Should Include Diet and Exercise

There is NO cure for osteoarthritis. There is lots of new exciting research being done on stem cells and regeneration of cartilage but these are all in their infancy. In the meantime osteoarthritis management is all we sufferers can do. … Continue reading

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