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Early Knee Osteoarthritis – a new treatment option?

If you have early knee osteoarthritis there is a new treatment option being trialed at the moment. It is called the The KineSpring® System and is designed to fill the gap between conservative care and knee replacement surgery. Most early knee osteoarthritis happens in … Continue reading

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Vitamins for Osteoarthritis

This is an excellent piece of research done by Toni Glover who is studying for a nursing PhD. She studied whether vitamin D is the vitamins for osteoarthritis. She studies whether low levels of vitamin D increase the symptoms of osteoarthritis and decrease … Continue reading

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Depression and Pain Management – cause and effect

Depression and pain are commonly linked. When we are in chronic pain it pulls us down mentally and emotionally as well as physically. This can lead to depression and anxiety. Because of this it makes sense to try and roll … Continue reading

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