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Treat Osteoarthritis Pain at Home Using Heat and Cold Packs

I was surfing YouTube today (it was raining here!) and came across this video on How To Treat Osteoarthritis Using Heat and Cold Packs. I couldn’t believe the ‘expert’ suggested using chemical heat and cold packs. Why on earth would … Continue reading

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Osteoarthritis Pain Medication : what to take and when

The Daily Mail reported about a new osteoarthritis pain medication that gave good pain relief, halving the amount of pain for people with knee osteoarthritis. This drug is called duloxetine and was developed as an anti-depressant. Many anti-depressant drugs help because … Continue reading

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Who Gets Osteoarthritis ?

Who gets osteoarthritis and why is so often asked. Then answer for humans in general it affects older people, although it is not exclusive to them, and Caucasians are affected more than Orientals. In the 45 to 55 age group men … Continue reading

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