Osteoarthritis Pain Ruining Your Life?

Learn how to relieve your osteoarthritis pain.

How To Relieve Osteoarthritis Pain

Is your osteoarthritis pain getting you down?

If you are suffering osteoarthritis pain you are not alone as 1 in 3 people over the age of 60 suffer from this condition.

My name is Dr. Sophie Hardy and I was a UK trained chiropractor who worked with International and Premiership footballers (soccer players). I worked alongside many top class therapists, including physiotherapists, masseurs and exercise specialists giving me a wide knowledge base. I retired in my mid 40s with osteoarthritis pain in my spine and in my hands. I now spend my time helping my fellow sufferers with their osteoarthritis pain.

There is no cure for osteoarthritis but you can do a lot to relieve your osteoarthritis pain.

By making a few simple lifestyle changes and following some osteoarthritis treatment guidelines you can reduce the symptoms and relieve your osteoarthritis pain. With a little effort you can still a full and active life.

Here at Natural Treatments and Exercises for Osteoarthritis you can learn all about different treatments and I will teach you how to relieve osteoarthritis pain. Whether you are newly diagnosed with limited knowledge or someone who has been suffering for years, the aim is to have interesting, helpful and educational information. If you have experienced a type of treatment, whether successful or not, please leave your comments at the end of articles as this would help others thinking of using that type of therapy.

If you want to learn more about your condition including what is osteoarthritis, what causes osteoarthritis pain and what are the symptoms of osteoarthritis in individual joints then click on the tabs at the top of the page. I also keep up to date and make regular posts about anything to do with osteoarthritis, including current osteoarthritis treatment guidelines, do natural osteoarthritis remedies or alternative treatments for osteoarthritis help with your osteoarthritis pain plus all the latest news regarding new treatments for osteoarthritis. You can get all these by signing up for my free monthly newsletter on the right hand side of this page.

If you are newly diagnosed and don’t know where to start putting yourself together a treatment plan to relieve your osteoarthritis pain I suggest you sign up for my free 3 day course on Pain Management for Osteoarthritis. It will give you an overview of all the proven treatments for osteoarthritis pain.

How to Manage Your Osteoarthritis Pain.

If you have done any investigation into different therapies and treatments for osteoarthritis you will know that a good physical therapy program, including exercises, is the foundation to any treatment plan. Home based exercise studies have shown to be highly effective in relieving osteoarthritis pain. (E.G. hipkneehand osteoarthritis pain).You can get two different exercise programs here, both are designed by me personally.

How to Treat Osteoarthritis Naturally are a series of eBooks. They are designed to teach you to treat yourself. They cover how to effectively use all the treatments recommended by the Arthritis  Foundation to relieve osteoarthritis pain. They have 3 levels of programs of self massage and exercises and a multiple choice questionnaire so you know which level of exercise program you should follow.

They are the ultimate guide to managing osteoarthritis so you can start to lead the life you deserve.

Join Us!

How to relieve osteoarthritis pain

Don’t let your osteoarthritis stop you from leading a full and active life!

Leave your comments at the end of articles so others know whether that type of treatment has worked (or not worked!) for you. Join us on Facebook so together we can help one another by building a community with the best collection of treatments on how to relieve osteoarthritis pain. That way we can lead the lives we all deserve.

I look forward to working with you!

Yours in health

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Dr. Sophie Hardy

P.S. Life is too short to live in pain like this. Simply exploring this site could give you the answer to your osteoarthritis pain.


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Risks of NSAIDs Higher in Women with OA

Risks of NSAIDs?

Are you aware of the risks of NSAIDs?

A new report on the risks of NSAIDs was published in the Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes. It was carried out on a group of people who often suffer OA- post menopausal women.

The study showed increased risks of NSAIDs of cardiovasular events (both fatal and non fatal strokes and heart attacks) with the regular use of COX 2 inhibitors (such as Bextra and Celebrex) and non selective NSAIDs (such as Naproxen).

The scary thing is that regular use was defined as only twice a week. Many men and women with OA use these drugs far more often than that and often for many years.

So why are NSAIDs so effective in relieving OA pain and are their any alternatives? Continue reading

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Massage for Osteoarthritis Recommended by Harvard Doctor

Massage for Osteoarthritis

Self massage for osteoarthritis is easy to learn and highly effective.

I have long recommended and taught massage for osteoarthritis. It is so easy to do and so effective. However I hear very few Doctors recommending it so I was pleasantly surprised when I read this answer to the question: Continue reading

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Home Exercises for Osteoarthritis Work But Would You Do Them?

Home exercises for osteoarthritis

Home exercises for osteoarthritis have been prove time and again to work. So why won’t people do them?

I have to admit this piece of research made me feel vindicated. I have done some marketing work for a local chiropractor and he said he couldn’t see just doing home exercises for osteoarthritis would work. He said people needed to see the therapist to get the exercises taught properly and to make sure they comply and keep up the exercises patient. He recommends visits at least every other week for people with OA. Continue reading

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